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We invite organized groups of 10 to our cosy studio in the centre of Warsaw located on Tamka 45B street.

How to tell the difference between raw and bisque porcelain?
Why do some colours change completely during firing process?
When to pain with gold and when with yellow and why one of them is not dishwasher safe?
We will answer these and many more questions while experimenting with different styles, techniques and utensils on porcelain.

1. Short introduction to the history of porcelain making and the production process.
2. Discussing a variety of decorating techniques.
3. Each participant chooses 3 pieces out of 6 available options: round flower vase, breakfast plate, small plate, flower-shaped jewellery plate, latte cup or a tapas bowl.
4. Discussing design ideas and trying out different techniques. This is the most fun part! We will assist and encourage everyone to get creative.
5. Summing up and signing the pieces. All of them will be ready to pick up after one week.

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